35 appeareances in 2011

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Date / Time Ensemble / Program Location
February 15th 2011, 12:30»ABSTRACT II« Contemporary Chamber Music with Anna Steinkogler (harp) and Vincent van Amsterdam (accordion)Amsterdam (NL) Lunchconcert, Muziekgebouw aan't Ij, Groote Zaal
March 12th 2011, 15:00Quartet New GenerationSchwelm (D) Recorder Summit 2011, Ibachhaus
March 20th 2011, 16:30Seldom SeneIllzach (F) Concert des Laureats of the 17th International Chamber Music Competition
March 21th 2011, 19:00Amsterdam (NL) SELECTION OF PIECES 2010/ CMtNWT PROGRAM
April 8th 2011, 19:00Quartet New Generation »Fantasy through Symmetry«Durham (New Hampshire, USA) New Hampshire University, College of Liberal Art
April 10th 2011, 14:00Quartet New Generation »Fantasy through Symmetry«Minneapolis MN (USA) Southern Theatre
April 13th 2011, 14:00Quartet New Generation »Fantasy through Symmetry«Appleton WI (USA) Lawrence University
April 16th 2011, 14:00Quartet New Generation »Fantasy through Symmetry«Middletown CT (USA) Russell Library
April 18th 2011, 19:30Quartet New Generation »Fantasy through Symmetry«New York City (USA) Advent Lutheran Church
May 12th 2011, 20:00Quartet New GenerationGeislingen (D) WMF Kommunikationszentrum
May 14th 2011, 20:00Quartet New GenerationEriwan (ARM) Special Events Auditorium
May 17th 2011, 19:00Quartet New GenerationTiflis (GE) Royal District Theater
May 19th 2011, 19:30Quartet New GenerationBaku (AZ) Orgel- und Kammermusiksaal der Staatl. Philharmonie
July 2nd 2011, 20:00Seldom Sene »Taracea- Renaissance and contemporary music for recorder quintet«Heroldsberg (D) Protestant church St. Matthäus
July 9th 2011, tbaQuartet New Generation »Fantasy through Symmetry«Rhinebeck (NY) (USA) Women's Leadership Center, Omega Institute
August 11th 2011, 20:00Recorderquintet A Fancy CompagnyeSeefeld in Tirol (A) Seefelder Kultursommer
August 13th 2011, 20:00Recorderquintet A Fancy CompagnyeSiffian am Ritten (I)
August 14th 2011, 20:00Recorderquintet A Fancy CompagnyeBrixen (I) Klangdom
August 17th 2011, 20:00Recorderquintet A Fancy CompagnyeRodeneck (I) Schloß Rodenegg
August 28th 2010, tbaThe Royal Wind Music »Sweete Musicke of Sundrie Kindes«Amsterdam (NL) Uitmarkt
September 2nd 2011, 11:00Seldom Sene »El Aire se Serena- Spanish music from the 16th and 17th century«Utrecht (NL) Fabulous Fringe of the Utrecht Early Music Festival, Dom church
September 6th 2011, 20:15Amsterdam Collage Ensemble »The scheme of the sea organ«by Yu OdaUtrecht (NL) Gaudeamus Music Week, Geertekerk
September 13th 2011, 19:30ReAcct works by Jokob de Senleches, Keiko Harada, Tomi RäisänenTilburg (NL) De Link, Duvelhok
September 16th 2011, 20:00Recorderquintet A Fancy Compagnye »The Queen's humours...«Nieblum/Föhr (D)
September 17th 2011, 19:30Recorderquintet A Fancy Compagnye »The Queen's humours...«Neustadt/Harz (D)
October 7th 2011, 20:00The Royal Wind Music »Sweete Musicke of Sundrie Kindes«Egmond aan den Hoef (NL) Slotkapel
October 9th 2011, tbaSeldom Sene »Taracea- Renaissance and contemporary music for recorder quintet«Sneek (NL) Huiskamer festival
October 17th 2011, 11:00Seldom SeneAmsterdam (NL) De Dag van de Klassieke Muziek, Muziekgebouw aan het IJ
October 23rd 2011, 17:00The Royal Wind Music »Sweete Musicke of Sundrie Kindes«Alkmaar (NL)
October 29rd 2011, 17:00The Royal Wind Music »Sweete Musicke of Sundrie Kindes«Zwolle (NL)
October 30th 2011, 17:00The Royal Wind Music »Sweete Musicke of Sundrie Kindes«Foudgum (NL)
November 6th 2011, 10:30choir and orchestra u.d.o. Matthias Havinga »J.S. Bach: Actus Tragicus«Amsterdam (NL) Augustanakerk
November 13th 2011, 15:00Seldom Sene »Delyght in Musicke«Wormerveer (NL) Series of the Menno Simons Flaes Foundation, De Vermaning
November 19th 2011, 15:00The Royal Wind Music »Angeli, Zingare e Pastori«Amsterdam (NL) Van Wasenaer Oude Muziek Festival & Concours, Muziekgebouw aan't Ij
December 11th 2011, 20:15The Royal Wind Music »Sweete Musicke of Sundrie Kindes«Amsterdam (NL) Concertserie 'Les Goûts Réunis', De Duif